Catch the Struggling Guppy! HIIT #4

Spoiler alert - Em recorded this workout when she wasn't feeling well. As a result, you may notice a mistake or two - which she tried, using her fledgling editing skills - to correct. It's still an awesome workout!

I have a hard time admitting to myself that I am ill, much less treating myself like I'm ill, even when I've been diagnosed by a real doctor with a real illness. I cling to my father's adage: "Go to the doctor; you'll feel better in a week. Don't go and you'll feel better in 7 days". Another go-to is the yogic concept of pratipaksha bhavana : thinking thoughts that are contrary to negative thoughts. And didn't my old friend Nick Kreofsky used to say, "So and So gave me an invitation to share his cold." Just say NO to germs. Such thinking is like a thorough hand washing and should guarantee remaining disease-free.

So, when I was told that I had the shingles virus, I was dumbfounded. There must be some mistake! But no, I had/have shingles and I'm lucky we caught it quick. My case is fairly mild. It's an annoyance, for sure. I have some pain, low energy, I'm not sleeping well and taking the medicines makes me feel - short term - worse. Don't worry, I'm on the mend, and I meant it when I said I feel better while doing our workout.

Physical exercise makes us feel better for many reasons, but here are my top three:

  1. Exercise increases the supply of oxygen in our blood stream which always helps the brain work better. Happy brain, calm mind, clear thinking.

  2. When we exercise, the pituitary glad releases those wondrous euphoric hormones known as endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. Ever heard of a runner's high?

  3. The act of consciously doing something good for ourselves increases self-confidence and engenders an authentic sense of agency. We can make things better. When we chose to be disciplined in self-care, we empower ourselves with wisdom and fortitude. Another maxim of my dad's relates to this: pay yourself first.

Of course there are other choices we can make to help ourselves feel better, heal, get stronger, such as eating healthy, getting enough sleep, sharing good times with friends and family and prayer and meditation. I do my best in those categories... could do better.....

And now, without further ado, here's a best effort workout for ya! Watch out for the struggling guppy!!!!!

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