FG&OWL - The Core in Action, post 4

Updated: Feb 8

This 5-post series is dedicated to my friend K.T., the beautiful and talented mother of Lauren, Danny and Elizabeth; a Grandma-in-High-Demand.

You've done your pelvic floor exercises and strengthened your foundation, your container and your core. Now it's time to put it all together in a pleasing "Morning Movement Sequence". (That's the title my yoga teacher, Shari Friedrichsen, gave to this sequence of postures.) I added in a seated spinal twist and forward bend because they feel so good following Shari's simple but strong routine.

The flow is straightforward: mountain, forward fold, lunge and turn/twist, standing side-angle, triangle, downward-facing dog, cat/cow, down-facing boat, cat/cow, down dog, lunge turn/twist on the other side, side-angle, triangle, forward fold, mountain. Repeat starting with the opposite leg. Once you've repeated the second side, there's Agni Sara, down dog, seated twist, single leg forward bend and bridge pose.

NOW HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! You proceed through these poses while breathing diaphragmatically and while paying very close attention to your foundation: feet, inner thighs, pelvic floor.

Practice with attention and intention; it's not "Do this, do that, do this, do that".

I want to thank Shari Friedrichsen for teaching us these subtle and powerful movements. I've been studying with her for 30 years. And guess what? Every class, workshop and seminar I've taken with her has included these practices. She has a tremendous gift for using ancient yogic techniques to address the issues we all face during our lives. Whether it's heart health, aging, pre- and post-natal, grief, understanding the chakras, finding your inner guide, how to be a better yoga teacher - Shari teaches the exact same poses with infinite nuance and utter compassion. I feel very fortunate that she was my first teacher... and continues to inspire and instruct me to this day.

I encourage you to explore more of Shari's work and that of her colleagues as well as the tradition of the Himalayan Institute. Consider getting a year-long subscription to the HI's online magazine, Yoga International, a vast library and resource for healing, empowerment and transformation!

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