Gotta Switch It Up!

As important as yoga and meditation are to my wellness routine, at times I need to do something completely different - physically and mentally. I need to work out! (Think push-ups and sit-ups and 8-count body-builders.)

Early on in the pandemic I was fairly consistent with an online High Intensity Interval Training workout taught by VShred. I must say, the young man does a great job creating 3 months' worth of workouts which gradually increase in difficulty. VShred is extremely generous to offer this unlimited-access platform for under $40. His instruction is clear and encouraging and he's quite pleasant to look at! Yeah, he's selling meal-planning guides and supplements too, but I just wanted to get toned and stronger. And build my self-discipline, self-confidence and resilience.

Right. So I stayed with it for almost 3 months and then we took a trip and I stopped. Even though I had all the workouts written out neatly on index cards so I could continue on the road, my little routine was shot and I just quit. After a few months I tried again and that lasted for a few weeks. I felt bored and wasn't noticing results, so I quit again. Then one day, before the sun had risen and the temperature was about 35' because of the wind, I joined my husband for a "bootcamp"-style workout on the beach (with one of the most talented group-ex teachers of all time, Sibilla) and I had a blast.

I couldn't do everything or keep up with the others, but I tried and laughed and laughed. It's amazing to run around in the soft sand as an adult! I fell down, but I was sweating and shouting with joy. I felt great afterwards. I had lots of energy and I felt cheerful and optimistic for the first time on months. Yes, the following day my body felt like it had been hit by a train. But as the days went by, the soreness disappeared and so did that bubble of energy.

We get out of life what we put into it. Grace brought us here. Why not live it up?

And so, without further ado, I present Em's Little Mind-Body's rendition of VShred's home workout. I offer it in complete humility because I'm a backslider. I want to encourage you to get and stay as strong and healthy as possible. It's our best choice. The other option is to settle in for a steady decline which gradually accelerates until we're no longer able to tie our own shoes, much less get on up on the floor... and boogie-oogi-oogie. Have a laugh and break a sweat, ya hear?

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