Holy Snappin' Spandex! Home HIIT Workout #3

Years ago my sister-in-law Cindy (a grandmother since Oct 2020) encouraged us to read a book titled Younger Next Year and I frequently reflect upon its wisdom. Here's an excerpt from the chapter titled "You Have to Age, but You Don't Have to Rot":

"There are tides in our lives that carry us forward or back. When you're a kid, the tide is behind you and you go forward regardless. Stronger, more coordinated, better focused...better able to understand and cope. But at some point the tide inside your body goes slack and the free ride is over. And then, in an instant, it turns against you. You get a little weaker, your balance is funny, your bones turn out to be can't remember things. And it begins to look as if before long the tide will be running pretty hard. And it's going to sweep you up on the rocks. Where the gulls are waiting. And the crabs. To eat your wattles and your gut. And your eyes. Take the guck out of your nose and your hair to make a nest. Go up there and eat you. Sorry."

Now, isn't that motivating? I mean, it's true: aging and death are part of life. Hakuna matata. But we have the power to make choices - even in the face of something inevitable - that can make the final third of our lives more pleasant, less painful and more fulfilling. You know what I mean? If you don't use it, you lose it. So let's make the most of this moment and play in the tide! Let's work out!

During this fast-paced workout, you may overhear Em ponder such questions as "Why Does Exercise Make Us Feel Better?" and "Are Women Physically Capable of Performing Equally as Men?" You may observe her new transitional trifocal eyeglasses and the way she wriggles free of self-criticism by genuinely laughing at herself. Finally, Em wonders aloud about generational and societal attitudes about women and exercise...Just because your grandmother thought that perspiration was a bad thing, let us not cling to unsound principals of the past. Onward!

The 4th and final HIIT workout will be released tomorrow. Em suggests that we all endeavor to do these workouts together for 4 weeks. #1 on Monday, #2 on Tuesday, Wednesday off, #3 Thursday, #4 Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. What do you say? Even if you start on Saturday, you get the idea. We can meet up periodically and see how it's going. Thanks.

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