Make Room for Joy

Before you get out of bed each morning, think of 5 things you feel grateful for. Take your time and allow yourself to feel that gratitude (or love or wonder or contentment, or...). Next, think of 3 things you intend to accomplish today. I always try to make "meditate" the first thing; it gets easier after that - laundry, post office, groceries, make dinner, etc.

Don't Postpone Joy

Once you do the first thing on your list, you've made room for joy. Do all three and you're completely free to invest in your Bank of Goodness. What makes you feel happy, content and peaceful?

Here is a 10-minute yoga practice to let go of "work" and refresh your mind and body energy.

I'll publish a break-down of the pranayama practices - anulom viloma and kapalabhati - in a future post if you're interested. Also, I am breathing audibly through most of the asanas - a practice called ujjayi pranayama.

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