Switch It Up Some More!

Updated: Feb 11

Although directed and edited by a low-tech amateur, this - the second High Impact Interval Training Home Workout - brought to you by Em's Little Mind-Body Blog - will work you OUT!

Please join us for some laughs and Luke!

The main idea is to perform 3 circuits of exercises. Each circuit has 3 or 4 different exercises (sets) that you perform for 30 seconds - one after the next - with a full 1 minute rest in between sets. The first two circuits have 3 sets of 3 exercises; the third circuit has 3 sets of 4 exercises. Finally, most exercises are done for 30 secs, but a few are done 15 secs a side. You'll notice that I occasionally waste time getting into position, but I'll get better.

Last post focused on the abdominal muscles and lower body. Here we'll work the upper body and, of course, the abs. All ye who know to do core strengthening poses are hereby encouraged to continue to do so.

You've earned a day off for rest and recovery. See you in a few. Keep on rocking'!

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